Mercedes EGR Removal Kit

£69.99 inc. VAT

This is the ULTIMATE stainless steel, Tig welded, Polished finish, Lathe turned EGR valve removal pipe money can buy!!


Product Description

This EGR valve removal kit allows you to completely remove the EGR system from the engine. The kit comprises quality components made from stainless steel and tig welded. Then a bead is rolled on the end to hold the hose on. As its STAINLESS STEEL you know it will never rust and generally look poor like mild steel versions, it also wont crack or creep like aluminium versions.

This kit is fairly easy to fit with the exception of the exhaust manifold blanking cap, as its difficult to get to. I would only recommend purchasing this kit if you are experienced with this engine and know what’s involved.  If the engine is out of the vehicle then it is a straight forward install which can be completed in less than 30 minutes. If the standard ECU is being used the it will trigger the EML. So this would need to be remapped.

The removal pipe has a 6mm thick 304 grade stainless steel flange and also has a CNC machined hose barb on the side.

The removal pipe has been turned in a lathe to make sure the pipe end is perfect and then has been polished to a beautiful uniform finish. This really is a top of the range EGR removal pipe.  If you want the best, you’ve found it!

The kit consists of the following quality components:

1x Stainless blanking cap (for the exhaust manifold)

1x STAINLESS STEEL  removal pipe (to replace the EGR valve)

4x Bolts (for the EGR removal pipe)

1x Blue silicone hose joiner (Black liner to prevent discolouration)

2x British made hose clamps (HI-GRIP)

Advantages of blocking EGR:

  • Turbo spools up quicker, and at lower revs (less turbo lag)
  •  Prevents carbon build-up inside intake manifold, and ports
  • Smoother pick up from idle and better fuel economy
  •  Cleaner engine oil helping to give longer engine life.
  • Lowers soot output (less smoke on pull off)


Compatible vehicles:

Mercedes Engines:


Only purchase if you have reasonable mechanical experience or know-how, not for beginners!!

This item is for diesel vehicles only NOT PETROL

This item is for off road use only. EGR delete accepts no responsibility for the use of this part on the public roads where removal of emissions controls is prohibited. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they comply with laws relating to their home country