• ford focus 2.5 inch pipe

Focus RS & ST225 De Cat Pipe 2.5″

£64.99 inc. VAT

For the money this is one of the best tuning modifications you can do to your RS/ST225.

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Product Description

 In our opinion it should also be one of the first as it paves the way for future modifications. Bolt on power, plus they sound brilliant.

This de-cat pipe is made from 100% stainless steel, the flanges are 10mm chunky stainless which means that you never need to worry about it corroding. Other sellers use mild steel which will rust. Ours has a lifetime guarantee. The finish is descaled.

The diameter is 2.5″, if you are upgrading the rest of the system to 3″ we also do a 3″ DECAT. our item number: 161448224658

Easily removed for on road use.
Fitting kit and gaskets included

10mm thick flanges and lambda boss are also stainless. (T304)

Life time guarantee!

Advantages of DE-CAT Pipe

  • Turbo spools up quicker, and at lower revs
  • increases power and torque
  • Smother pick up from idle and better fuel economy
  • Sounds brilliant


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