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BMW EGR Removal Kit

£24.95 inc. VAT

This is the ULTIMATE Brushed stainless steel, Tig welded EGR valve removal pipe/ blanking kit money can buy!!!

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Product Description

Is your vehicle feeling a bit sluggish off the mark? getting poor MPG? it could well be your EGR valve, remove it from your engine and let it breathe what it was made to breathe… Air with a dash of diesel!! Not a load of soot, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide!

This EGR valve removal kit allows you to completely remove the EGR system from the engine. The kit includes a 5mm thick blanking plates and high temp gasket to blank the exhaust manifold, this eliminates the weak flexible EGR extension pipe that is prone to splitting.

The components are made from stainless steel and tig welded. Then a bead is rolled on the end to hold the hose on. As its STAINLESS STEEL you know it will never rust and generally look poor like mild steel versions, it also wont crack or creep like aluminium versions.

This really is a top of the range EGR removal pipe.  If you want the best, you’ve found it!

Advantages of blocking EGR:

  • Turbo spools up quicker, and at lower revs (less turbo lag)
  •  Prevents carbon build-up inside intake manifold, and ports
  • Smoother pick up from idle and better fuel economy
  •  Cleaner engine oil helping to give longer engine life.
  • Lowers soot output (less smoke on pull off)

Compatible vehicles:


BMW engines M47 M47N M57 M47N2 M67 M47R

Land rover

Land Rover Freelander TD4 (2001-2006)

Land Rover Range Rover TD6 (2002-2006)


Rover 75 MG ZT 2001-2005

BMW engines M47 M47N M57 M47N2 M67 M47R
3 series E46

318d (2001-2005)
318td (2002-2004)
320d (1997- 2005)
320cd (2003- 2006)
320td (2000-2004)
330d (1998-2003)
330xd (2000-2003)

5 series E39

520d (1999-2003)
525d (1999-2003)
530d (1997-2003)

X5 E53

3.0d (2000-2003)

X3 E83

2.0d (2003-2006)

E38 7 Series

730d (1997-2001)
740d (1998-2001)

E65 7 Series

740d (2001-2005)


This item is for diesel vehicles only NOT PETROL


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